"Spencer is one of the best. He works so well with all ages, but he has a really sharp eye and is great at offering bite-sized specific adjustments and knowledge to help enhance young people's performances. He knows exactly what kind of material they should be working on, where they fit into the grand scheme of casting in the competitive audition world, and has a knack for connecting with people very quickly. His side business, Break the Glass, has really taken off, because he's so good at telling people the things that they need to be doing to better themselves but finds a way of doing it kindly, quickly, and efficiently."

-James Crichton

"From day one, Spencer has been concerned and focused on both the state of my heart as well as the state of my art. His guidance and knowledge on navigating my individual self as both a business woman and an artist has kept me inspired, confident, and motivated throughout this whirlwind of 2020. I can't imagine my life not just as a performer, but as a human, without his incredible support!"

-Ari Glauser



Scary question, and I’m here to help you answer this.  Times are heavy, unpredictable and anxiety ridden.  While show business is changing, it’s not going anywhere.  How are you using this pause to create a new & improved version of your artistry?


*I’m offering an affordable package of sessions where we discuss and create a plan of action for your next steps in this new world.  How can we up our game to not just book the job, but book the relationships?  Are you writing succinct & smart emails?  How are you approaching agency offices?  Where are we focusing our energy right now, & how can we authentically feel like artists again?


letsbreaktheglass@gmail.com for inquiries.

"Spencer has a unique ability to find and celebrate the unique parts of every individual. This combined with his knowledge and understanding of the industry makes for a coach that gives creatives the tools to be competitive in the ever-changing theater industry. His career coaching has guided me in the right direction, even beyond the theater industry. His acting coaching ensured I was prepared for auditions and callbacks- I can say with certainty that quite a few of my jobs were booked because of Spencer’s help. His knowledge, support, and care for every individual he encounters is incredible unique, and it’s what makes him so good at what he does!"

- Liz Erardi

 "Like many artists, I am my harshest critic and often get in my own way. Spencer quiets that voice in my head - holding space to help me imagine, focus, and pursue the career that I want. He is an advocate, a wealth of industry information (facts, people, songs, you name it - tune into one of his BroadwayWorld segments to see for yourself!) and one of the most generous people I know, in and out of the business. He helps you take a look at where you are and where you want to be and why it matters to you - then does everything in his power to help you achieve your goals."

-Rosemarie Chandler