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What is Actor Strategy?

In December of 2019, Spencer Glass founded Break The Glass, an Actor Strategy company, after witnessing too many gifted actors in need of direction, mentorship, and affirmation. Actor Strategy is a coaching service that creates a personalized career road map for for every client. How can you work smarter and not harder? Spencer brings his experience from "behind the table", his relationships with casting directors and agents, and his extensive knowledge of repertoire to help you fill the gaps that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. Spencer's clients can be seen on Broadway, national tours, TV, films, regional theater, etc.


If you're feeling stuck and need a launching pad, let's connect! Email or fill out the form on the contact page to get started. 


“Spencer Glass is an extraordinary coach who creates a safe space for actors to take risks and play. He encourages actors to explore nuanced choices that ground their work in reality and extend far beyond what’s on the page. I leave every session feeling extremely prepared and well-equipped with tools I can implement in all of my work.”

- Jasmine Forsberg, SIX (National Tour)

"I would recommend Spencer Glass to any one, any age, at any cross roads in the theater industry for career coaching.  Not only did he help me achieve my goal of finding new representation, he helped reframe my mindset and refresh my own approach to who I am as an actor and a business person.  I wouldn’t even think twice to come back to him for any advice with auditions, representation, business, or branding. 10 out of 10 would recommend"!

- Ryan Breslin, Beetlejuice (Broadway)

"Spencer is one of the best. He works so well with all ages, but he has a really sharp eye and is great at offering bite-sized specific adjustments and knowledge to help enhance young people's performances. He knows exactly what kind of material they should be working on, where they fit into the grand scheme of casting in the competitive audition world, and has a knack for connecting with people very quickly. His side business, Break the Glass, has really taken off, because he's so good at telling people the things that they need to be doing to better themselves but finds a way of doing it kindly, quickly, and efficiently."

- James Crichton, Unknown Soldier (Playwrights Horizons)

“Before meeting with Spencer, I was feeling stuck! I became so frustrated with the industry, and myself, not sure where to focus. Spencer’s guidance and counsel has been truly essential to navigating the next phase of my career. He makes me feel seen and heard, but also is able to push me and not allow me to “settle”. As an actor, having an additional person in your corner really helps lighten the load. Spencer helps me feel like I can achieve my goals and gives strong, constructive feedback, along with great action items to help move your career forward. With Spencer's continuing help, I feel empowered pursuing a career in this industry and excited for the future. "

- Aisling Halpin, Succession on HBO

From day one, Spencer has been concerned and focused on both the state of my heart as well as the state of my art. His guidance and knowledge on navigating my individual self as both a business woman and an artist has kept me inspired, confident, and motivated throughout this whirlwind of 2020. I can't imagine my life not just as a performer, but as a human, without his incredible support!"

- Ari Glauser, Tuachan Center for the Arts

"Spencer has a unique ability to find and celebrate the unique parts of every individual. This combined with his knowledge and understanding of the industry makes for a coach that gives creatives the tools to be competitive in the ever-changing theater industry. His career coaching has guided me in the right direction, even beyond the theater industry. His acting coaching ensured I was prepared for auditions and callbacks- I can say with certainty that quite a few of my jobs were booked because of Spencer’s help. His knowledge, support, and care for every individual he encounters is incredible unique, and it’s what makes him so good at what he does!"

- Liz Erardi, Sierra Repertory Theatre

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